Schon provides end users wishing to have modern and contemporary office furniture for their commercial office spaces as well as interior designers and architects who are specifying executive office furniture for commercial office spaces. Our product portfolio and our ability to design custom office furniture provide a unique product mix that can satisfy any interior design concept and budget.

Our products allow the users to have enormous flexible work spaces, maximum ergonomic, economic value and aesthetic modern design with commitment to long-lasting quality. After all, a good working environment not only inspires productivity but also great working atmosphere.

So whether your project requires a unique look using workstations with various types of partitions, modern office furniture, executive desks, filing systems or seating solutions, we will work with you to create a solution that fits your budget and interior design concept.

Our Responsibility

Each of our product design and solution are socially and environmentally responsible. The components and parts we use are recyclable and free from hazardous substances to promote products that anyone can comfortably use. In addition, we are also committed to cut down on the use of wooden parts to preserve our earth's deteriorating forests.

What We Stand For

Schon values Comfort, Space-Efficiency, Robustness, Versatility and Modernization. With intelligent design and custom specifications to meet the needs of every user's requirements, it allows the user to create a progressive and professional work environment. This overall philosophy balances the pragmatic climate that exists in the global economy with a strong commitment to high quality and functional design.

"How fast" is the question that is often asked by the user, which shows there is a need for speed. We believe in doing it fast and right...not just do it fast. We are committed to the provision of quality office furniture products to the fingertips of businesses according to their respective plans and schedules. While our office furniture products have refined designs and a high degree of style, we only offer commercial-grade products made to stand up to the daily demands of the modern workplace.